Keep it Hot and Spicy

This is a great article:

I love hot spicy food, although sometimes it is hard to eat for me. I, too, am someone who has fallen for spicy food later in life! Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican and the list continues on and on. I love it, but let me be clear, I don’t love roller coasters, so I will have to mediate on the meaning of it for me. Here is a great quote from the article though:

” A taste for chilies has no deep meaning, no evolutionary value. It’s just a taste for chilies. I might add, though, that since it takes such a complicated brain and weird self-awareness to enjoy something that is inherently not enjoyable, only the animal with the biggest brain and the most intricate mind can do it.

Take heart, chili heads. It’s not dumb to eat the fire, it’s a sign of high intelligence.”